I'm Bryony, a born-and-raised Seattleite, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. I’m a freelance writer with a specific focus on birding culture and women in the world birding scene, with clips in regional and national publications (birding with kids; how to field sketch).

Big surprise, I'm an avid birder (AKA bird watcher). And I specifically want to engage YOU urban, suburban girl that you are, in birding, and that's what I write about on my blog

What's in this for you?

Well, my friend, I'm going to guide you into appreciation for the wild birds in your community:

  • Those birds that sing for you every spring,

  • That eat those pesky mosquitoes every summer,

  • That come to your feeders (if you have them; I can argue for putting some up quick!). 

Wild birds are nature at your doorstep; they have been there the whole time. And my stories here will inspire your own birding practice. Like meditation, except with birds.

And who am I, anyway?

I'm a second generation birder, raised by two conservationist parents, one of whom co-wrote a couple of best-selling books about crows.  I serve on the board of my local Audubon Society and contribute to their blog. I’m a former citizen scientist of 10 years, surveying urban bird populations in two urban parks of my city.

But WOAH, I wasn’t always this perfectly birdie on paper. If you are curious about my flight path to birdiness (sorry, I love puns), read this post which will assure you anyone can get into birding. Anyone.

Because birding for me is every bit as much about the people as the birds. Birds are a starting point for celebrating nature’s beauty, spending time outdoors and making friends with others who share that sensibility. I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, that you might share that sensibility?

Stay and peruse!

See how easily you can start to see and hear those feathered neighbors of ours. These marvels of nature have been here the whole time. My hope is that more of us noticing and caring will keep them here.

What others have to say about me and my writing:

“Bryony reached out after noticing we didn't have any birding content on She-Explores.com and not only offered to contribute her expertise, but suggested two additional birders who would be ideal guests for our namesake podcast. I'm grateful to Bryony for recognizing a need and filling it with a piece that is relatable to our community.”

Gale Straub, Founder and Host of She Explores Podcast

“Bryony is a formidable investigator and writer when it comes to sharing the clever, creative practices of birders. From illustrating, to running, to urban exploring, she's covered a number of ‘how to’ topics for a national audience, both with style and timeliness. She shows exactly why no one should ever pigeonhole a birder.”

Purbita Saha, Associate Editor, National Audubon Society

"Bryony has been writing for ParentMap (since 2012), delivering compelling, well-crafted articles on topics our readers really care about, from secret urban hikes to how to 'date' a mom friend to the 101 on co-op preschools. She comes up with great pitches, meets her deadlines, is very receptive to feedback, and promotes her own work via social media and email. She delivers!"

Elisa Murray, former Managing Editor, ParentMap Magazine

Say hi at hello@bryonyangell.com or via any of my social media tabs below.